How to Choose Your Bait When Fishing


Fishing is a recreational activity that anyone can enjoy at leisure. You do not have to be a master in angling for that. No doubt, successful luring of the fish depends on certain tricks, but it is not always true that only an expertise angler can catch fish. Hence, it is not unusual that an experienced angler comes home with empty hands. Even if you are a novice angler, with the right fishing gear, lures, and bait, you can get lucky.

Among the several lures used for catching fish, baits remain one of the most preferable choices. On comparison, it has been found that fishing with bait is cheaper than fishing with lures. The size and type of the bait being used may vary based on several aspects, including the type of fish you plan to catch. Let us look at the other factors that contribute to a successful fishing trip.

Note the Water Type: Whether you fish in a freshwater body or a saltwater body, you need to select varied types of bait, which is different for each case.

Understand Types of Bait: You will

Fall Fishing Tips and Strategies


As the fall begins to ‘kick into high gear’ as it were, it seems like the perfect time to write an article on some fall fishing tips and strategies. The fall has always been my favorite time of the year for fishing. The smell in the air, the cooler weather, the beautiful scenery, and the lack of fishing pressure all come together in the fall to make fishing truly enjoyable. Not to mention the fact that most of my trophy fish have been caught in the fall.

My favorite manner of fishing is to wade in small rivers and streams, usually in search of trout, smallmouth bass, or walleye. The fall fishing tips and strategies being outlined in this article are best employed while fishing in this manner, although some of them can be easily modified for other manners of fishing. The bottom line is that these tips have worked for me for more than twenty years and I know they will do the same for you.

Implement one or all of these fishing tips today and become a much more successful angler.

Live Bait Is

Carp Fishing Tips Tricks and Techniques


New and seasoned fishermen can still benefit from a few carp fishing tips, tricks, and techniques. Even experienced individuals need a regular refresher in order to be reminded about everything they know. It is also an opportunity to learn about fresh updates related to fishing in general.

As with any other type of fishing, knowing more about the subject helps. When fishing for a particular fish such as carps in this case, most will agree that having knowledge about the specific fish in general is an effective technique. All tips and tricks revolve around this technique, which includes fishing in abundant waters, purchasing the right tackle, utilizing proper bait, among others.

Finding a water source tops the list of carp fishing tips. Although fishing for carp had been predominant in European countries, this hobby is starting to become popular in other nations too such as the U.S. In Europe, there are clubs that offer venues for fishing carp. These clubs have organizations and groups, which comprise of individuals who fish for carp as a past time. In other parts of the world where no clubs

Benefits of Eating Meat

Meat contains a number of important nutrients that are needed by your body for carrying out vital metabolic functions. These are proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals. All these nutrients are responsible for providing you with energy and keeping you healthy.

Nutrients Present in Meat

Meat is a rich source of proteins. Protein is required by the body in very high amounts because it plays varied roles that are essential for your body’s functioning and overall well-being. The most important among them are building and repair of body tissues and formation of antibodies that fight against infections. As a general rule, proteins form 19-20% of meat. Some may be present in the form of amino acids and small peptides. These are readily absorbed by the blood. Meat is considered to be a high quality protein because it contains almost all the essential amino acids known so far. Thus, the health benefits of consuming meat include a strong immune system along with a fast recovery and regeneration capacity of the body.

Meat contains a number of minerals. It is especially rich in iron. Your body needs iron to form hemoglobin that is necessary for the transport of oxygen from the lungs to different

Deep Frying

Deep-frying is a favorite method of preparing dishes, where one can bite into that crispy texture, that complements the meat or vegetable, that the batter encases. Fried chicken is what people usually look to for a downing session. The famous ‘bucket of chicken’ is what we’re familiar with, when it comes to junk food. Here, we look into how oil is everything when it comes to deep-frying. You want to get the best in fried food, by knowing exactly what kind of oil would work well with it.

Choosing the Right Oil for Deep-Frying

When picking out the best oil for deep-frying, you need to first understand what is a smoke point. A smoke point is when oil is heated up to a temperature where free fatty acids and glycerol break down. It is then further broken down to acrolein, which is when cooks display that bluish flame that engulfs the top of the frying fan. When the smoke point comes into consideration, flavor and the breaking down of nutrients come forth. That is why it is crucial to know which oil has to be used for deep-frying, to make sure you don’t ruin the dish. The best oils when it comes

Cooking as a Hobby

Cooking, for most people, is a tiresome job that they have to do everyday, whether they like it or not. Even if you are not going to eat yourself, you still have to cook for your family. If you cannot afford the luxury of eating out everyday, then cooking becomes a daily chore. However, there are some people who thoroughly enjoy it. Although cooking rarely features on our list of hobby ideas, these people are so obsessed with cooking that they start treating it as a hobby. So, is cooking really a hobby? Hobby is any activity which comes as a pleasant variation from your usual work and which allows you to unwind. Going by that definition, it indeed is.


Most of us are reluctant cooks; we cook because we have to. How many of us really put our heart into it? Very few. However, if you take up cooking as a hobby, you will look at it as a way to unwind yourself. The difference between great chefs and us, reluctant cooks, is only that of attitude. If we look at it as a chore, we can never hope to become a good cook. You anyway have to cook, so

Tips for Cooking Great Meals in a Small Kitchen

It can be incredibly difficult to cook intricate meals in a tiny kitchen. Whether you’re in an apartment, condo, or just a house that isn’t quite as big as you’d like, cooking fantastic meals in a small kitchen is totally possible. You don’t need a big kitchen to make a big meal; all you need is a little creativity and these great tips.


Organization is key for any small space. The more organized you are, the more space you have leftover to do with what you want. This means you need to be organized before you start cooking as well as while you are cooking. Organizing your pantry, cupboards, fridge, freezer, and any other space where you store food is incredibly important. If you aren’t organized in a small space, you will end up not knowing where anything is and you’ll probably be frustrated before you even start making the meal. It’s a great idea to keep all of your boxed items together in one place, all canned items together, all your produce together, and so on. When you do this, you’ll have no trouble finding all the ingredients you need. This can also save you money, too. How many times

Carp Bait Recipes

One of the largest members of the minnow family, carps are the most commonly found fish in the waters of America and around the world. Although found in abundance, fishing for these hardy species of fish can be quite a taxing affair. This is because these fish have been known to be great fighters and can test your true fishing skills on a light tackle. Although carp fishing can happen the year round, they are known to be much more active in warmer water. The best bait for carps are sweet corn and simple bread dough. In addition to this, the recipes for carp bait can include hotdogs, cut baits, worms, prepared dough baits, and cheese.

Best Carp Bait Recipes

Premium Carp Bait
1 can blended creamed corn
2 cups cornmeal
1 cup cornflakes crumbs
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
Before making this bait recipe, mix the cornmeal and cornstarch in a bowl and set aside. The blended creamed corn needs to be heated till it is bubbling. Now add sugar to the simmering mixture, and slowly add the cornmeal mix. When the mixture turns into a thick paste, remove it off the heat, and let it cool for

Different Types of Fishing Lures

Fishing lures are objects designed to look and move like real fish and attached to the end of a fishing line. Live fish mistake them for prey and are caught on hooks when they try to feed on them. These lures are even designed to move like fish; they’re nothing but fishing bait. Some come with single or double hooks, while some come with even triple hooks. There are different types of fishing lures, each having a purpose of its own. Let’s have a look at all of them.

These are the most commonly used fishing lures. They resemble a hook, where the lead head is opposite to the sharp tip. Normally, minnow, craw fish, or plastic worms are attached to the hook to attract the fish. If you are using this lure, then you will have to ensure that the rod is moved at regular intervals, so that the jig moves.

Crankbaits are your best option when you go trout fishing. Sometimes, they are also referred to as plugs. With the slightest shake, they make several movements in water. They are often unstable as they have a scoop placed under the head.

If you plan to go perch fishing,

How to Preserve Catalpa Worms for Fishing

Since ages, fishing has always been a pastime of the rich and poor alike. Dressed in suspenders and a pole swinging from their hands, they would jauntily march down to the dock, hardly able to contain their excitement. As you swing the bait, again and again, till your hands ache and the palms have stuck to the fishing rod as if one arm, do you wonder what went wrong? Bait, my friend!

There are different types of baits used to lure different fish. Some use lures, bait designed to look like smaller fish or worms. While others use live bait to catch fish. These may be worms, bugs, maggots, and various other insects. But nothing is easier than a worm; it’ll be a slurp breakfast for the fish, which will end as a healthy lunch for you.

The catalpa worm is the most preferred type of bait used to lure catfish, pan fish, bass, and even carp. The best thing to do is to store them for an extended period of time, and use them at the right time. here, we’ll tell you how to preserve these catalpa worms.
How to Identify
Catalpa worms are yellow in color, but have distinct black