The Best Hooks to Use for Trout Fishing

As someone who has been fishing for trout for more than two decades I can honestly say that when it comes to trout fishing there are few things that are more important than the types of hooks that you use. The best hooks to use for trout fishing will vary depending on your “go to” trout fishing technique or the technique that you are using to fish for tout on a particular day. In this article I will outline the best hooks to use for trout fishing and you can decide which type of type of hook will serve you best for your particular favorite trout fishing style.

No matter which type of fishing hook that you choose to use for trout fishing it is vitally important that your hook (s) be as sharp as possible. This means changing your hooks often or carrying a small hook sharpener with you while you are fishing to make sure that your hooks are always at their optimal sharpness. You definitely want to be mindful of the sharpness of your hooks when drift fishing in a river or after a few trout have been landed. Hooks can become dull easily in both of these situations and the sharper your hooks are the less trout that you will “miss”.

With that being said, let’s get down to the best ways of attaching bait to your line when attempting to catch trout, what do you say?

Treble Hooks – Treble hooks are very popular for trout fishing as they are great hooks to use for fishing dough style trout bait such as Powerbait. Treble hooks come in a variety of sizes with size #12 and #14 being the most popular sizes to use when fishing for trout. A treble hook ban be concealed easily in a ball of dough bait and “still” fished for hungry trout. Treble hooks are the most popular trout fishing hook when it comes to fishing dough style trout baits.
Gang Hooks – For those of you who aren’t familiar with gang hooks, these fishing hooks are a pair of small plain shanked hooks tied in tandem (back to back). They are definitely the best hooks to use for trout fishing when using live trout bait such as live worms. These hooks can be used for fishing powerbait as well and should definitely be used if you use live bait to fish for trout.
Salmon Egg Hooks – Salmon egg hooks are hooks that are specially designed for being baited with a salmon egg, a very popular and effective trout bait. With their short shank and wide gap these fishing hooks are perfect for using a single salmon egg as bait when trout fishing. Salmon egg hooks should be in your fishing vest if you like to use salmon eggs as bait when fishing for trout. For hooking a tiny salmon egg these fishing hooks are hard to beat.
The bottom line is that the aforementioned ways of attaching bait to your line are among the best to use when fishing for the beautiful fish known as trout and should be added to your vest or tackle box rather than later.

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